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a small child, like in the Rugrats cartoon, Tommy, Lil, Phil, and Chuckie are rugrats.
That little rugrat is a pain in the ass because he won't stop crying.
by Stacy February 26, 2004
59 28
Children, especially really annoying, hyper children who always seem to be getting into trouble and/or everyone's way.
Can't I ever get a good quiet meal at this restaurant? Every time I go here, there are always a few rug rats running around who don't look where they're going!
by pentozali April 09, 2007
25 4
(noun) A toddler or a young child who is not yet old enough to walk so crawls using all four limbs instead. A newborn baby or children under one-year old are sometimes referred to as rug rats.
Tom and Angela's little rug rat is only ten months old and he'll be walking on his own any day now.
by Johnny Z. Styles May 14, 2010
33 15
Adj. kids who run around aimlessly, playing tag, etc.

Refer to the show rugrats
John: look at those RUGRATS playing around in the garden.

Stephany: yeah...remember when we were that young?
by Michaelakamikey December 30, 2008
27 18
Extremely small yet resourceful rats who live in a rug. These diminutive rodents make their burrows in the dark spaces underneath furniture amongst the hairs of your rug or carpet. They live on crumbs and have a tendency to collect shiny objects such as coins or keys, although they have been known to also steal pens, sweets and important pieces of paper.
Those darned rugrats have collected a huge mound of junk under my sofa again, yet the exterminator refuses to do anything about it.
by robcraine November 21, 2005
77 69
A man who performs oral sex on women. The male version of "carpet muncher."
Neil went down on Emily for hours. He is such a rug rat.
by NDog22 April 16, 2014
2 1
A slang term discribing chidren AKA Yard apes.
So, like what time I'm going to the Freeps house to babysit those rugrats of thiers?
by bigg3469 March 29, 2009
15 17