Little Kids that are acting obnoxious and doing every thing in their power to defy your rule.

Ruggles happens to be the plural of Ruggle
Despite his fathers warnings little Tim kept throwing food on the ground

Listen you little Ruggle!!!! Tim's father shouted stop throwing food or its your room and no dessert!
by Hat at the Ball February 24, 2010
Top Definition
A rare form of small mammal which is most likely a mixture of hobbit and that little rat thing from the Thunder-Cats that yells "SNARF!"

Ruggles are very friendly, small enough to hold in your right hand, and are more than happy to eat up everything in your fridge at any point in time.

They are usually found in small underground holes or in large fields riding unicorns and playing 'how many golf balls can you fit inside a dead raccoon before it explodes'
"Look johnny its a Ruggles sitting there smoking a pipe and giving a naked mole rat a tattoo of an inflamed asshole"
the epitome of all that is everything... ruggle is really just a way of expressing your feelings, and can be substituted for any word... although in some instances it can mean semen, and thereby the process of ejaculating.

also a game played with cups whereby you place the cup on it's side and spin it on the hope and aspiration that it lands upright...
Rob: I have the ruggles!
Erol: You ruggled all over that girl!
DJ: Wow, you're really good at ruggling man!
by eggrollthebest August 19, 2008
To rape, hug, and snuggle. Often used in anime forums and chat rooms.
Hey, Neko! I missed you!! *Ruggles.*
by Neko Suave June 16, 2006
The name one gives to a stuffed animal of great importance.
That is my pile of stuffed animals but only my Ruggles is allowed to sleep with me in the bed
by MattyIce27 May 02, 2011
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