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worn out. scraggley. Trash bag.
Hobo, nomad, driffter with really bad hygene
by anonymous October 07, 2003
27 58
the appearance of a boy, usually in his teens, that includes a bit of scruff, buff and a lot of sexy. A rugged boy is the kind you would want to be alone in the wilderness with, for more than one reason.
Gosh, Victor sure is rugged.

Ya, I don't know anyone quite as sexy.
by Carissa G June 13, 2008
245 99
a very universal adjective used to describe anything that is extremely awesome, badass, or insane.
"Dude, I just had sex with this hella hot mom named Sharon!"

"Hmmm, Sharon? That's really fuckin' rugged. I can't even describe it. I am jealous."
by J-dubbles May 21, 2004
212 104
A super attractive, confident, hard-core, badass person. Often capable of weathering extreme climate conditions and physical exertion. Rugged people can be found shopping at REI, participating in outdoor team sports, hiking or camping, and might also have qualities associated with earth-muffins. Rugged people may or may not be swoll.
"That girl is so rugged, she just got back from a two-week, minimalist, back-packing trip. I wouldn't want to compete with her in a ultimate frisbee competition, she'd totally kick my ass".
by Earthmuffin2000 November 25, 2012
41 12
An extremely ugly girl.
1 dude>OMG that bitch is so damn rugged!
2 dude>DUDE!, thats my GF!
by Apophis December 28, 2003
61 90
-describing something rough, hardcore "bad hardcore not good hardcore", or rediculous.
that wipeout was totally rugged.
by biskit_earl September 11, 2006
29 61
To have a bad edge-up, or when you need a haircut.
My hair is rugged, I need a haricut.
by Uzo June 11, 2005
22 54