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A rugby player who thinks he is God's gift when he is, in fact, a cunt
Paul: Who is that other there?

Steve: He's one of those rugby cunts, I wish he was dead.
by clbatch1 March 02, 2011
Someone who plays for the any rugby team and goes around doing press ups in bars, downing snakebite and puking it back up into the cup.

Before these drinking sessions occur, a game of touch cup is played in a bar, in which members of the team wank over the fact they managed to bounce the a coin into a cup. whilst shouting phrases such as LAD and GEEZER at around 132 decibels.
Brian: You'll like this.. check this out.

(a lad downs half a pint of snakebite and gets a semi)

Tom: What a rugby cunt!
by Hater 1. March 02, 2011
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