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a girl (usually makes no attempt to be feminine) who likes to make yummay wit other girls' badingadongs.
Kiera tried to spread-eagle lindsay---she's a full on rugmuncher.
by Sexy Biznatch December 06, 2006
Lesbians who doesn't shave and like to indulge in oral sex.
lesbian 1: Do you like to forrest gump it?? cause that really turns me on ;)
lesbian 2: No sorry, I like to mow the grass regularly
lesbian 1: oh :( you just looked like the rugmuncher type...
by are there any unused names?! October 08, 2011
This is slang for a lesbian, the basic term is someone who likes to eat carpet. Meaning pussy eating. Hense Rug Muncher
Kate is a rug muncher she likes to shop at carpet right.
by Dave1894 November 29, 2008
a term originally refering to giving women oral sex, but can also be used to describe lesbians and men believed to be "whipped" enough to give a woman head.
You gave her head?!? Dude, you are such a rug muncher
by Bugaloo Schrimp April 02, 2006
Rug muncher means basically you eat pussy that's hairier than king kongs back hair. Also a name for lesbians
Person 1: 'dude did you see that chick?'
Person 2: 'yeah don't worry she's a rug muncher!'
by Rhicass February 23, 2014
a lesbian
you are a rug muncher
by tim mitchell June 21, 2003
A Lesbien, a woman who licks other girls viginas
My ex-girlfrind turned out to be a rug-muncher.
by troy major September 24, 2007