The Don, The G, The Life Of The Party. The Guy All The Girls Want.
Have you seen that guy over there? He's a real Rudy. I wish I was him.
by Mini Me1 May 03, 2009
Top Definition
Rudy is an underdog or unlikely candidate for getting laid but scores with a real hot chick out of the blue.
Hey "Rudy" way to go champ, you really got lucky this time.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
One who makes even the darkest nights shine with the brightest stars. He mends broken hearts, and makes possible new beginnings. He takes what has been shattered and lovingly puts all the pieces together again. He is tender, sweet, adoring, gentle, and kind- but most of all he loves with a full and open heart. He is the very air that fills the lungs, and the pulse that makes a heartbeat possible.

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Famous Wolf
Diminutive Form of Rudolf
Person 1: "So how did your date go last night?"
Person 2: "Oh it was great- the guy was so awesome- he makes my heart ache with joy!"
Person 1: "So he was a Rudy?"
Person 2: "Yeah, definitely a Rudy...he's amazing!"
by ChaChaBueno April 21, 2010
a guy that is inexplicably gorgeous and utterly amazing.
That Rudy is one hunky monkey.
by mutt_91 May 06, 2009
A person who gives it their all just like Rudy in the movie Rudy. A person who will get pwnd and get right back up and get some more.
"Brandon not only looks like Rudy but that kid just got his corner kilt playin handball and he's back at it again thats madd Rudy son"
by Helper McHelperson November 05, 2007
A man who is most intriguing. One who superior intellectually, physically and sexually to his caveman like peers. Quite possibly the most interesting man in the world, especially in the eyes of women abroad.
That man had something about him that just took my breath away, he was truly a Rudy.
by Mich O. Rizo February 04, 2010
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