(n)- an abnormally large and/or noticeable pimple located on the nose
Slowbunny... you haven't popped your Rudolph yet???... At least put some alcohol on that thing.
by king812 November 12, 2011
when a man sticks his nose up a girls pussy when she is on her period, and he gets blood on his nose.
"Ryan, what's that on your nose? You totally rudolph-ed her tonight!!"
by Dems December 02, 2007
as your fucking a girl from behind and she is on her period smear the period blood on her nose and and continue fucking her
I rudolphed your mom last night
by Zak Stapleton November 26, 2006
A sexual act, which goes as follows:

While fucking a girl from behind, you cup your fart with your hand. You then proceed to place your cupped hand over her nose.

You then say, "there will be no presents this christmas".

Hopefully, if you ate a spicy burrito, her nose will turn red.
Mike - "Stacey, why is your nose red and why are you crying?"

Stacey - "I don't want to talk about it"

Mike - "You got a Rudolph, didn't you?"
by Mitt Master September 19, 2009
After having sex with a woman on the rag you smack her on the nose with your now bloody penis thus giving her a blood red nose just like Rudolph!
After Junior got done nailing a new bitch on the rag he pulled out and had a blood clot stuck to his penis, disgusted by this he gave her a Rudolph.
by Meatman53085 December 23, 2008
a loose and stinky vagina
see jingle below:
Rudolph the red nose douche bag
had a really floppy twat
and if u ever saw it,
your eyes would begin to rot

All of the other pornstars,
used to laugh and call her loose,
they never let poor rudolph,
spread any of her juice

Then one stinky saturday,
hefner came to play
ruldolph with ur twat so tight,
wont u hug my dick tonight

Then all the pornstars loved her,
and they wanted one big orgy,
rudolph the red-nosed douchebag,
will u go down on me
copyrighted 2007
by EthanB May 16, 2007
Like cockney rhyming slang, a rudolph (hess) is simply a mess!
This room is a right rudolph, get it tidied up.
by ian Dalton August 13, 2006

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