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An extremely attractive guy that is very succesful at what he does. Can also be very funny and make people like him for making them feel good.
"That guy is so goodlooking, he is such a Rudi"
by who'sYourDaddy February 05, 2010
This can be a girl or a guy. Rudi is someone who genuinely cares about other people. This makes them very attractive and someone to hold on to. Rudi can make anyone laugh, smile, or lift up their mood. Usually is very good looking and sweet.
Damn Rudi is so sweet and cute!
by Hah73&2733 April 15, 2014
A man of many talents, Loves sports Ex Soccer. He is spanish most of the time,, hes a player but is afraid of being played. he loves his family & gets along great with children. he is sexy and knows it but gets too cocky at moments. Hes sweet and charming and when he really likes a girl he will hide it from his friends.
EX: who is that thug

you know he is rudis
by realthuglife October 18, 2011
Austrian slang for penis
He has a big Rudi in his trousers
by brrrbrr October 31, 2010
Rudi is another word for giant deuce.
hey dude, i told you he was a rudi.
by Doctor Rectumus November 08, 2009
a nerd who fancys girls he just cant have
look at him, hes such a rudi
by pot noodle October 23, 2005
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