opposite of a 'funny' when something is meant to be funny, but ends up being really rude and uncalled for.
person 1: "I tried to make a funny, but instead I made a rudey"
by kmangz October 19, 2008
Top Definition
A "Rudey" (also see: {Rude Boys} is a kid who is part of the 2 tone ska subculture.
Person 1:Hey Rudey! Isn't Ska sooo rad?
Person 2: Ya man!!
by Ska bob July 04, 2004
A generic name for a person who has displeased you in some way.
Carl: Hey dude I CBA to come out tonight.
Jessopin: Whatever Rudey!

Dave: Hey what's going down Rudey?
Limpson: Don't call me Rudey please.
by Antichris II February 08, 2007
A cute, non offensive way to describe sex.
"You're going upstairs to do rudey!"

"I haven't done rudey!"

"Didn't get any rudey last night"
by Rudeyhead April 13, 2008
The way cool people say rude
He asked me to suck his cock!!
by Krimbo Jones November 08, 2004
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