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A cute, non offensive way to describe sex.
"You're going upstairs to do rudey!"

"I haven't done rudey!"

"Didn't get any rudey last night"
by Rudeyhead April 13, 2008
A "Rudey" (also see: {Rude Boys} is a kid who is part of the 2 tone ska subculture.
Person 1:Hey Rudey! Isn't Ska sooo rad?
Person 2: Ya man!!
by Ska bob July 04, 2004
opposite of a 'funny' when something is meant to be funny, but ends up being really rude and uncalled for.
person 1: "I tried to make a funny, but instead I made a rudey"
by kmangz October 19, 2008
A generic name for a person who has displeased you in some way.
Carl: Hey dude I CBA to come out tonight.
Jessopin: Whatever Rudey!

Dave: Hey what's going down Rudey?
Limpson: Don't call me Rudey please.
by Antichris II February 08, 2007
t o s s p o t
by necros November 05, 2003
The way cool people say rude
He asked me to suck his cock!!
by Krimbo Jones November 08, 2004