Also known as: Human vulgaris twatis. Other terms include chav, rude, townie, or 'Donald Ducks,'as my old Dad calls them.
Defined as: An unpleasant male creature, decked in a strangely positioned cap,who is extremely tall and skinny and with a terribly hickey mauled neck, given to them by their 'beeatch.' This beeatch is not the entrance to the proverbial hive, but a female creature of the same species, prone to bizzare outburst such as 'wotyoulookinatorsumfink.'
Famous(infamous ruders): Vicky Pollard......and she's an impression so really...there's no one ....is there? Thank God. Oh besides that guy from the Streets.
You lookin at my gel? She's well fit innit! Was you saying she was fit? You dur'y greb
by Tom May 03, 2004
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Stupid pricks hu think there hard. Normally smoke and use 1 cuss only. "Ur mum". Normally really stupid. Should be approached with care. Love to wear Fake burberry.
"Look at those rude boys tryin to steal that fake burberry lollypop from that five year old girl."
"WHoah- There fake burberry caps must be nearly vertical"
"hahahaha those rudeboys can't contain the gayness. There gettin jiggy on the street"
by Grunger Man number1 April 24, 2003
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the targets of my theory.

MY THEORY: My theory is, that if everyone who will amount to anything in life was allowed to carry shotguns, and shoot anyone who looks to be a waste of space. This would cause the world to evolve into a paradise where no-one believes that putting mariajana into a cigarette cleans your lungs, and no retarded fucks like townies who think "they're 'ard" will survive!
by -creed- April 30, 2004
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Troy Mandaloniz, a fighter on the ultimate fighter season 6. part of team serra. he is a tough ass Hawaiian who "brings da tunda" and plays the ukulele.
that Hawaiian dude is tough. He almost seems like Rude Boy.
by blazedabomb2 November 23, 2007
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Usually a white guy who thinks he's black n would typically say sumfing like this:
"Yerrr bruv i'm black I'm black! that's well phat init? yo look at dat black guy over dere! (TO DA BLACK GUY): YO BRUV GET OUTA MY COUNTRY YERRRR?!!"
rudeboy rudeboy rudeboy rudeboy
by uk blud July 15, 2006
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