kid who likes ska and dresses like a pimp, likes to fight and it tough, hated by most all but dont take shit
That rudeboy could take a bear, or not.
by Rude April 03, 2004
A type of wigga found around London who pretend to be Jamacian. Usually think they are some sort of expert fightrer and will always be spewing some braggadoccio about who they knifed last week, who sucked their dick, or other falsified shit. Will die in poverty, while the real rude-boys will be happy with their bitches and riches.
Look! A 14 year old rudeboy! Lets go and steal his fake gold...
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
Someone worthy of respect. A cool/tough guy. Running things.

NOT some little nobody who thinks he's bad. NOT racially specific.
Look, that breh's tha real rudeboy, blud.
by Jakman June 05, 2005
Usually a white guy who thinks he's black n would typically say sumfing like this:
"Yerrr bruv i'm black I'm black! that's well phat init? yo look at dat black guy over dere! (TO DA BLACK GUY): YO BRUV GET OUTA MY COUNTRY YERRRR?!!"
rudeboy rudeboy rudeboy rudeboy
by uk blud July 15, 2006
Person generally found on council estates bangin to garage music n shittyness like that. Have caps on their heads angled at 45 degrees with bandanas underneath. often bun zoot and jack next mans for money and phones innit
"ey lowe dat estate, pure rudeboys on sat bedjin"
"seen blud seen, im finkin i wanna keep mah money"
"we go thru the middle class suburbs to get home innit?"
by roxxor February 19, 2004
basically manz dat treat der girls wid no respect, listen 2 grime and dat, have no manners, der caps are always at some next angle, dey will jak any manz, dey cotch round london endz... and dey can also be emcees
rudeboy shut your mouth
by e12 gash July 12, 2006
Definition One: A boy whose impolite, or a 'badman'
(Badman being a slang word in the UK)

Definition Two: A song by Rihanna
Definition One:
Person 1: That boys so cool.
Person 2: He's such a rudeboy!

Definition Two:

'C'mon Rude boy, boy,
Can you geddit up?'
by rudegirl19 July 06, 2010

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