Britain's major problem.

People who should be advised to commit suicide.

The only type of person I have punched.
No, lets not go into that shop, look at the crowd of rude boys that surrounds it.

Oh shit. Rude boys.
by Burton Earny April 10, 2004
Originally from jamaica, rudeness got distorted into the present form it takes on the streets of the UK.
Rudes are at epidemic proportions in england and should be culled to keep the population under control.
Rudes can be identified by their almost vertical baseball caps, skin tight clothes, trousers tucked into their socks, masses of jewelry (even males, if you can call them males).
"Ya mate"
"Go to bed!"
and "Cmon then! Ya wanna fight"
to witch you reply yes because they are 5 years younger than you, then their druggie brother with a knife and a huge "possy" jumps out from the bin they live in.
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
someone who wears nike shoxs, burberry caps vertically (usually fake), struts, wears jock off gold rings and chains and talks with a funny voice. they walk round thinking they are all that and dead hard. they shud all be shot!!!
rude boy 1: "yo yo mo fo"
rude boy 2: "wa gwaan"
rude boy 1: "it's all sick"
rude boy 3: "im vex wid yow. u n me have some serious beef."
by sxe1234321 June 01, 2004
The above person appears to shun 'Rude Boys' and yet can not spell and uses words such as 'jiggy' in mentality at least they are one. Whilst no fan of rude boys, chavs or pikeys myself i do object to fools abuseing their already tarneshed names -leave it to the intellectuals lads.
You can't spell.
You are a chav.
by Eddie gray April 28, 2003
people should take baseball bats with them when driving and if they see a gang of these 'rude bois' casuing trouble, fuckin well smash their heads in. 5 points for blood, 10 points if theyre unconscious and a whopping 50 points for a kill. o my sweet pyjamas.
(gang of rude bois approaches a lone person walking home)
rude: oi mush gis a fuckin pound innit
person: nah sorry i dont have anythin
rude: ya fuckin gay ya fuckin startin?
person: fuck
person in car: (thinking) o look a bunch of rudeboys making trouble, baseball bat time
by merlin January 25, 2005
the targets of my theory.

MY THEORY: My theory is, that if everyone who will amount to anything in life was allowed to carry shotguns, and shoot anyone who looks to be a waste of space. This would cause the world to evolve into a paradise where no-one believes that putting mariajana into a cigarette cleans your lungs, and no retarded fucks like townies who think "they're 'ard" will survive!
Gimme a shotgun!
by -creed- April 30, 2004
Stupid pricks hu think there hard. Normally smoke and use 1 cuss only. "Ur mum". Normally really stupid. Should be approached with care. Love to wear Fake burberry.
"Look at those rude boys tryin to steal that fake burberry lollypop from that five year old girl."
"WHoah- There fake burberry caps must be nearly vertical"
"hahahaha those rudeboys can't contain the gayness. There gettin jiggy on the street"
by Grunger Man number1 April 24, 2003

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