two-tone ska
(i.e.) rude boys; rude girls
by RudeGirl February 11, 2004
meaning cool, or awesome
man, you are hella rude
by deano November 20, 2004
the cool thing to be; manners are for douche bags.
Clarissa and Guadalupe are casually rude.
by CDie March 02, 2006
used as to define chinese people.. usually when driving..
man.. did you see that rude make the left turn into a one way street?
by kaveh March 09, 2005
The polite version of the word "crude". From Latin "rudis", which means rough.
That was rude to throw your dirty underwear against the wall.

See also "crude".
by Ingram August 28, 2004
character from final fantasy 7: advent children who gets smacked in the head over and over through out the movie.
*sign falls on head*
Rude: ow...
*stands up unhurt*
by some1 random May 09, 2006
when something is either unfathomably amazing or unfathomably bad
thats a rude car over there man(Amazing)

your head is too rude(bad)
by Robert Large August 19, 2003

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