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The geographic area around and about the Northeastern United States, often characterized by directness in conversation and lack of extraneous chit-chat. People not from this area think the locals to be rude, with the term originating as a variation on pre-existing geographical designations within the U.S., such as the Rust Belt, Sun Belt, or Bible Belt.
Directions in the Rust Belt:
A: Hi! Can you tell me how do we get to Grand Rapids?
B: Sure can, been living here all my life. The freeway is just up the road a bit... Hey, where you from?
A: Oh, Florida originally.
B: Really? I got a cousin lives in Tampa.
A: Oh yeah? What part?
(...etc. etc.)

Directions in the Rude Belt:
A: Hi, excuse me, how do I get to Boylston Street?
B: See that stoplight? Go down six blocks, take a right. Go two more blocks. Bye!
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by BourbonDictionary September 08, 2011
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