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rubbernecking came from sponge bob we where watching it at like 2 in the morning and patrick said something about a rubberneckin hillbilly or some ish like that we didnt know what it ment so we just started using it in our own way. then my mom told me the meaning of it and we still use it in our own way. so yeah thats what rubberneckin' is.
wenis - is the technical name for your elbow, but we call it weins cause it sounds like penis and we where on the phone with our friend one night and we where talking about our wenis, cause i told kiana to suck my wenis and she said no then our friend said something about a penis . so we just tarted saying it .
Hey, why are you a rubberneckin' wenis?
by Kianaalauntra July 27, 2011

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