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an incredibly talented comedic rap/r+b/soul/funk duo from limerick city, ireland. their good-hearted perspective, and exaggerated/surrealistic, portrayals cut deeply to the heart of reality...and their music is fucking amazing.
rubberbandits song "horse outside": "fuck your subaru, i have a horse outside!" *dudes with plastic bags over their heads dancing their asses off*
by dfunkt December 15, 2010
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A rubber bandit is someone who will put a rubber band around the base of their erect penis so as to trap the blood inside and maintain an erection indefinitely.
"I'm worried I might lose this... I'd better rubber band it."
"So that's why they call you the rubber bandit."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
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An office thief - Robber of rubbers, stealer of stationary.
Alex Belk stole my rubber. He's such a rubber bandit.
by Jeb Jeb Binks March 06, 2013
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