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Rozz Williams, was born as Roger Alan Painter. Rozz williams is a name he got from a grave stone in his favourite cemetery.

Rozz was in several bands including: Christian Death, Premature Ejaculation, Daucus Karota, and Shadow Project. He also made a few solo albums.

He was involved in with a movie called Pig before his death. On April 1st 1998, Rozz Williams hung himself.
"Forget me not or I'll forget myself..."
Rozz Williams is God.
by Fetus January 15, 2005
the man behind such bands as christian death, daucus karota, he was part of the origional 'goth' scene in los angeles in the early 80's, he comitted suicide at the age of 34 probably because of his prolonged depression, i think, who knows...... rozz williams forever!!!!

"you people never feel the pain of dark eyed angels in a desperate hell...."
by vincent price February 17, 2004
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