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A beautiful name for a girl meaning the sunset. Possibly the funniest girl you'll meet. Quite shy at first but she has a hella personality once you get to know her. Usually tends to be self conscious about her looks and body (but doesn't show it) but others know she has the full package. Shes a smart one too. Intelligent, confident at times, gorgeous, funny and friendly. What more can anyone ask for. Shes the one.
Boy 1: duuuuude have you heard about that hot new chick, Rozhin?
Boy 2: no man, but i heard she has a nice booty.
Boy 1: yea, i heard she moved to vancouver a couple of years ago.
Boy 2: thank god she did
Boy 1: yea man im getting all over that Rozhin
#roro #rozh #rojin #rogin #rozhi
by 79ilf January 22, 2013
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