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Rozanna is my ideal girl she always puts me in a whirl every time I smell her scent it gets me up.
by Kier July 09, 2003
3 3
Rozanna is a buff tinnnngggggggggg who is so fine that every time I see her I get dizzy and Every time I smell her Amen Perfume it brings tears to my eyes to think I will neva be able to get with her Rozanna I love you.
My Darling Sweet
by ????? July 09, 2003
7 5
lol her and sahsa r always fighting, they giv me joke
by xxx maria xxx July 23, 2003
0 0
'roosje m'n roosje m'n roosje'
Ben je boos? Pluk een roos, zet 'm op je hoed, ben je morgen weer goed.
by Rozanna November 03, 2003
5 6
wat was dat blubber lips?
oooooooooo, yeh i no u smell.
by hummmmm???? August 18, 2003
2 6
Shes safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and a joka
she loves play fight wid sasha and krystle
by Lauren July 18, 2003
1 9