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One whose blood alcohol content is so high, it could kill three Irishmen.
Man! Look at that Royer drink!!

I'm proud to be a Royer!

UH OH! My liver's missing! I must be a Royer.
by Janine April 29, 2005
A term used to desrcribe a man to good for his surroundings aka meaning player or pimp. This type of person is very well rounded among the female sex, and is quite sociable. People who usually say this name to another person are usually giving that man a compliment. The name can be used in context with other words
"You are such a Royer!". Meaning in terms you are such a pimp!
by Joseph Thiet October 05, 2004
Extremely muscular or buff

See: Swole
"I'm feeling very Royer today"
by ZombieChowder April 15, 2009