1.Means anything good.
2.Graffiti Gang - GrandRoyaleSquad
(Royale is pronounced Roy-arl)
3.A colour
4.Important family in Monarchial societies.
1."That gear is Royal."
2."Is he in the Royal's?"
3."Is that shirt Royal blue?"
4."Fuck those rich Royal's, Australia shouldn't be ruled by them."
by Diego June 24, 2003
it means cool. when something is ill its "royal"
damn, that party last night was fuckin royal.

that benz on 19s was royal as hell.

it would be so royal if i got to go to the Beck concert.
by ryan February 02, 2004
in Belgium, the term "royal" is used to speak about a joint that contains weed and shit.
aioe, that shit tastes much more that the weed in ur royal, dood ^^ : /
by vae- June 02, 2003
Unappealing, undesireable, and uninspiring.
1. Those nerds are worse than boring, they're royal.
2. My piece of shit car is totally royal.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006
"Super nerd phone phreak that spends too much time dicking with tell-us."

^^^ The person who posted this is using inacurate information to "define" me. You have to impersonate Emmanuel Goldstein to disrespect me too? You can't even say who you are? Too scared?
"If someone is dailing tell-us on the bridge is royal."

^^^ Whoever posted this is using bad grammar and inaccurate information to give an "example" of myself.
by Royal_ December 23, 2005
a dick head that left nyc to live in the gay part of texas, (not that anything's wrong with that :x ), and he's washed up in counter strike.
royal is an embarrassment to the gay commmunity
by beefay May 12, 2004
Noun - an accidental brushing against or incidental touching of somebody else in a private or usually off limits area.

Sometimes pronounced "Roy-AL"
Hey did you see that? I just turned around and totally royaled the back of my hand against the boss's boob. How embarassing!
by pon loc February 07, 2006

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