The chance for people to get inordinately pissed, and justify it saying its in the monarchies honor.
DUUUUDE Royal Wedding tomorrow
I know! let's go down the off-licence
by Sheepy156 April 29, 2011
Top Definition
A sexual act; where a White male has anal sex with a Black female while she is menstruating, and pulls out, comes on her ass then throws a handful of confetti on his load.
yo bro, i need to get it in tonight, but my girl is on the rag.
Thats ok dude! you can have a Royal Wedding!
by Johnny Holeshot April 28, 2011
Describes a scenario in which a woman's labia is so long it is dragging on the ground behind her like a royal wedding dress.
"Man, i hooked up with this girl from the bar last night!"
"How was it?"
"Total royal wedding, way past beef curtains!"
by Reming May 20, 2011
A day off work
Will: Hey, it's the royal wedding tomorrow, what're you going to do for it?
Harry: Probably head down the pub and spend the day catching some sun in the beer garden.
by JB42 April 28, 2011
a rimjob while a woman is crowning.
Cory: Dude, I heard you gave Pam a royal wedding.
Ilya: Ew, fuck, no. I'd rather cut a ball off.
by Gross McGee April 30, 2011
Simply say these two words to a British person and they will either pee themself or pass out from excitement.
"Did you hear about Prince William marrying Kate Middleton? It's gonna be an awesome Royal Wedding!"

"OH EM GEE" *faint*
by Frithdog April 18, 2011
when you cum on your girlfriend's head like a hat
i came so much on her head i gave her a royal wedding, bro
by kate middleton April 29, 2011

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