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Means beautiful dream, vision and premonition. Roya is mysterious and gentle. She is enchanting, beautiful in a way that is different and kind. She is the dark and the light, the nettle and the flower, the hysterical and the calm.

Person 1: That Roya is sooo cool, its like there are two parts to her.
Person 2: I sooo understand, its like she's two people but not in a bad way.
by Midnight Sun April 17, 2010
90 17
Roya hot ass persian girl who is usually the best looking girl you can find. She is any guy's dream fantasy (hence the definition of her name in Farsi is "fantasy) usually she has dark hair eyes makes her mysterious and sexy.
Holy crap...i just saw a Roya...and DAMN did she look fine!
by Jason November 29, 2004
339 80
It means dream or fantasy in persian/farsi/parsi
Your my Roya
by Roya February 06, 2004
247 38
1. A Devilish Brunette
2. One dark haired beauty who's intoxicating company (hot bod, flashing eyes, sly smile, and dry wit) teases all your fantasies but never fulfills them, and yet makes you always want to see her again. Especially potent in combination with hot-tubs or practice midterms.
Alas, if only I were single, I would make Roya mine.
by Mr. Corny January 09, 2006
274 66
A pretty Persian girl who is any guy's dream fantasy (hence the definition of her name in farsi "fantasy"). She is funny when you get to know her. Her long dark hair makes her mysterious and beautiful. Her eyes are usually a beautiful shade of brown.
I just saw Roya and she looked AMAZING!
by BOBISCOOL123 May 01, 2011
52 11
A pimp with many jendes
She is such a Roya
by The Real Persian Excursion December 05, 2010
27 44
a cool Person to hang out with and such an idiot!!
Roya is a dork. but i love her.
by Jordan July 03, 2003
59 140