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Another way of saying something is awesome.

(see "roxorz")

Made up by Ivan Cain (AKA Quan Chi) some time in the wee hours in the morning on the day after Christmas 2006 after seeing the movie V for Vendetta.
Actual text from when "Roxorz in a boxzorz" was invented.

"23:44 dfwazzledoozle: what'd you get for xmas nigga
00:56 {Uac}0.|_|4/\/ (|-|1.EXE: dude
00:56 {Uac}0.|_|4/\/ (|-|1.EXE: V for Vendetta
00:56 {Uac}0.|_|4/\/ (|-|1.EXE: = Roxzorz in a boxorz
00:57 dfwazzledoozle: werd
00:57 dfwazzledoozle: good movie
00:57 {Uac}0.|_|4/\/ (|-|1.EXE: Dude
00:57 {Uac}0.|_|4/\/ (|-|1.EXE: I just made up something awsome!"

Roxorz In A Boxorz
by Ivan Cain December 26, 2006
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