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An extremely rural town in Connecticut which is awesome for people who love wide-open fields, cows and country music (like me), but bad for those who want something to do, or just go grocery shopping.
newtown kid: "omg thier is liek notin to do in rockzbury liek im soooooo bored"

roxbury kid: "learn how to play the mandolin, buddy."

danbury kid: "wtf theres no mall in roxbury, ct"

newtown kid: "omg u danburyers are all un-educated jdshajkfh. learn to live without a mall"

danbury kid: "what was that? malls are the key to life you stupid NEWTOWNER"

newtown kid: "no FOOTBALL is you sassy little ghetto b--"

roxbury kid: "you guys are so 21st century..."
by kitty2918 June 10, 2011
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