the prostetute from moulan rouge and the police song "roxanne".
ROXANNEEE, you don't have to put on the red light.
by Roxanne<3<3 April 10, 2006
1) A prostitute in a popular song by The Police.

2) A nub.
Roxanne, you don't have to put on a red light. You're a nub, btw.
by Really Long Stride November 21, 2010
Is the name of a Ricoh Aficio 3800. Named roxanne for the consistent red light error the printer often. Roxanne has printed off more than her share of pages.
Oh Roxanne has her red light on.
by Gary Hickman May 31, 2007
the french prostitue Sting sings about in the song with the same name.
you don't have to sell your body tonight...Roxanne, put on the red light
by rrb June 15, 2008
A popular smoking game in which a bunch of guys and girls get together with a bunch of joints, everytime the song says "Roxanne," guys take a hit, everytime the song says "put on a red light" girls take a hit.
Roxanne, *hit* you don't have to put on a red light. *hit*
by breadmold August 24, 2008
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