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The scale used to measure how good a freerunner is, with a range of 0% to 100%.

The Rowleyometer rises when a free runner performs slow, ungraceful and ugly parkour, has no style and is laughably bad. It also rises however, if the individual performs websters, inverts and wall fronts to an extremely high level. It falls if a person performs websters, inverts and wall fronts at a low level and if they do exceptionally beautiful, powerful and impressive parkour feats.
Person 1: "maan did you see my standing webster today!"

Person 2: "Yeah bro! It was easily 80% on the Rowleyometer!"

Person 1: "Cool, but i think im on about 50% Rowleyometer now because i just did a kong gainer..."
by moleskinmagician June 28, 2012
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