A man who prefers the cock;enjoys masturbating to gay films and eating his own cum.
That rouzbeh straight ate my shit
by rouzoutgh April 04, 2003
Top Definition
A Persian boys' name and also a surname not too common. In English it means prosperous or lucky.

Certainly not the person you would want to diss. Rouzbeh is extremely smart, academically and socially. He is that one date you don't wanna miss. He is very nice and always has time to help out a friend. He likes reading books and watching films and that is why he has more girl friends than your average Persian mate.

He hardly ever gets angry, but the concept of peace is unknown to this creature when he is actually angry. He can be very egotistic and proud, however he does deserve the recognition because he is amazing - and no, my name is not Rouzbeh

The name Rouzbeh belongs to a large number of past and present Persian individuals who are well known because of their works in their area of study or profession e.g. Khosro Rouzbeh, Rouzbeh Pournader.
A: What's that guy's name over there?
B: Rouzbeh
A: He must be that amazing person everyone's talking about.
B: Yep.
A: Knew it!
by innamorato October 01, 2013
The persian name for "Content"
That Rouzbeh is as happy as his name
by hediyeh February 04, 2010
straight ganksta mac and he's about to attack. pimpzilla ho tamin mama jama. if philmore slim and don magic weezy had a child it would go by the name roozbeng. sportin hair longer than your first string. stil R-O-O-Z
that guy stole all her bitches!!!! ah snap jigga we just got roooozbanged
by foozbeng June 06, 2003
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