to fuck a girl in a beastly manner
I just rousted your girlfriend last night. It was gnar
by Glazebrook February 26, 2008
Top Definition
A situation in which a person or group of people is caught and penalized by security or police for smoking marijuana.
Hey where's Jake?

He got rousted by security, they found a sack in his backpack.
by nhumb March 01, 2010
That sucks. For use when something really bad happens.
-"Dude, my girlfriend just cheated on me"
-"Roust, that sucks, man"
by 5252 September 01, 2009
To heckle in a public setting.
Dude, let's go sit on the corner and roust all the kooks who walk by.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
To take control of a location and those therein, often using violence and under government authority, e.g. by police or federal agents.
The C.I. said this is where they keep the stash. Let's roust 'em.

The cops rousted the shit out of Jeff's house when they found out he was dealing.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
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