named after famous Brisbane City Lothario from the early 90's - 2010. A Rouse is another name for a Rum and Coke without Ice. To this day the majority of Brisbane pubs and nightspots will serve such a drink upon request without questioning what it actually is. Some say he was single handidly responsible for putting the ithica ice works out of business.
I can't believe that he continues to drink a "Rouse" when its 34deg ... I need to have ice in my rum !
by benocon May 08, 2011
Top Definition
To rat, tattle tale,or snitch, or to run away from a fight because of your cowardly ways.

To take a dump.
Yo man, I heard you roused on me. That shit ain't cool. You totally roused during the fight!!!

I gotta go take a Rouse
by bigfoots balls July 29, 2010
to awaken with coercive action, to stir or incite to strong indignation or anger. Use of physical action to attain active state.
I pulled out my pistol and roused this fool.

I have to rouse a mother focker everyday.
by rouse it big July 26, 2009
verb - to Rouse - to invite a young female to your room, play with her emotions, bench-press her and kick her out crying with niether of you gaining sexual gratifaction.
So last night I was all grindin up on this chick, she was down so I brought that ho to my room. That biyatch started dumpin some emotional baggage so I Roused her.
by Aaron Lynn April 26, 2004
A member of the "Roots" clan.
Prefix added to indicate member's initials
Also See: "Root", "Mckin", "Ralph" "Jimmy-Root"
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
something you or a person likes alot.
"i wanna rouse some lollies"

"that looks rouse'n az!"
by rousn guy September 28, 2009
man of great interlectual status but firery temper, an adjective for being an old frail man with strange white spots on the head. GGGGGGGEEEEEEETTTTTTTT OOOOOUUUUTTTTTT!!! HAHA those were the days, losing ones sense of self control after teaching a "bunch of shits" for a year. also used when refering to be "payed handsomly" for peanuts!
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
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