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Rounce is very complicated. It is used in replacement of another retarted noise. A word used to discribe something or someone else, and a term used to cover up the true meaning.
2. Yea man i saw that chick at the party, she was pretty rouncin

3. Yo man, heres the plan, were gonna go behind nick's house, consrounce, and then go fokuroku
by Hilarious October 15, 2006
v. To vomit. Can also be used as an adj. e.g. rouncid.
"i ate nine fish tacos and now I feel like I'm gonna rounce..."
by Chico Devine May 12, 2010
A large scale evacuation from the Res or any other place the res has rolled to
lets rounce and get some oil
by resinwallpaper57 February 01, 2009