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Rough Sex

Very vigourous sex for people who like pain, but aren't into the really kinky shit. May involve hair pulling, ass-slapping, biting etc.
"I really like rough sex."
"I want it rough tonight, baby"
by maggie January 14, 2005
1) The ONLY kind of sex! It's hot, loud and dirty, and may involve whips, chains, handcuffs, biting, slapping, spanking, scratching, punching, asphyxiation, etc.

2) A kick-ass song by Lords of Acid.
"When I think about love... I don't think about a bright moon, twinkling stars, red wine, silent whispers, holding hands, secret love letters, candelight, red roses, wedding bells, moonlight serenades, warm summer nights... I think about pure sex, deep sex, hard sex, rrrough sex!!! GYAH!"
by Humid Eyes March 02, 2007
When a man breaks his penis while having sex.
Kevin was having sex with his girlfriend when it quickly became rough sex when she changed posistions and broke his penis.
by LMxDurgex December 24, 2008
What Journi and Meghan do (;
Last night, Journi and Meghan had rough sex, I heard them screaming, slapping, and saw them pulling hair. It was hot.
by Bleher September 20, 2011
when it hurts to have sex
When i was banging my b/f we were doing it rough. O yeah rough sex hurts baby!
by marcass April 18, 2004
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