The letting of people to know that police are in the area.
Yo homie rouge in the area
by Stotler November 19, 2008
Top Definition
Multiple meaning...

1-French for the color red

2-Variation of the word Rogue, a common character class in online games, widely used by retarded 12 year olds or ignorant virgins.
Idiot: Dude my rouge is so hot , shes a elf chick and i get a boner watching her.
Normal gamer: STFU you idiot, its a rogue not a rouge.
by Gameguru April 04, 2004
The way that most idiot's spell "Rogue" when typing in World of Warcraft chat.
Person A: Dude, that Troll Rouge wiped the whole team in that pvp match last night.

Perspn B: Uhh, don't you mean Rogue?

Person A: Huh? What are you talking about?
by Penguinboy07 January 20, 2010
As a nickname, or as an insult. The sad truth is most people ACTUALLY think it's spelled that way.

Rouge is actually both a shade of red, and a type of makeup, however if you could magically alter it to rouge on the class names, many people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Wogue is a much funner nickname, however rouge is not only more well known, but most people don't even know it's just a nickname, or even misspelling. Rouge is possibly the most boring misspelling of classes in World of Warcrack, and why almost everybody misspells it's name so much escapes me.
"LF rouge to open a lockbox OMG PLZ PLZ PLZ OMG". <- The sad truth I see in trade every day.

"Ew gross so and so is wearing way too much rouge". <- The makeup.

"My favorite colors rouge whats yours?". <- The color

As a nickname: "Rouge sap X, watervendor sheep the moon thingy, loladin off tank if I die, durid keep us healed, and I the rawrrior shall tank".
by Imainnothe April 21, 2008
(Central Texas/ Dallas Area)
To become or to be embarrassed.
"If I were her walking around in those shoes, I would be so rouge."
by simatter April 09, 2009
To be doing something very sneaky and agile.
I came late to class today and went rouge so the teahcer wouldnt notice I just got in.
by Chainchomp August 14, 2009
A man who works for the Australian Government, within public infrastructure, and should not be trifled with.
'That Rouge has your street address. Do not fuck with him.'
by 1bhcameron February 16, 2008
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