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The illest album eva frum tha one n only Lloyd Bank$. It includes "hands up" "cake" and "my house". Tops The Hunger For More by far.Game cant touch this shit!
Lloyd Banks
by MAkAv3Li5T August 26, 2006
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A term synonymous with New York City
From "The World is Yours" by Nas, featured on Illmatic

"Dwellin in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled
Or caught by the devil's lasso, shit is a hassle"
by SonOfLiberty87 April 02, 2007
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A phrase made famous by Nas on "The World is Your's" from his universally acclaimed debut album, iLLmatic. Nas used the term again on the track "One on One" from the Street Fighter soundtrack in the mid 90's.

In a literal sense, the term "Rotten Apple" is a nickname for New York City, for obvious reasons.

In a symbolic sense, however, it could be a much deeper metaphor, meaning a negative, angry, depressed, or confused state of mind. "Dwellin' in the rotten apple, you get tackled, or caught by the devil's lasso..."

It could also be a metaphor for deadly games & habits such as drug addiction, pomiscuous sex, alcoholism, anorexia, etc.

This line is a perfect example of elite lyricism, portrayed by an elite rapper, spawned from true talent, skill, and understanding for Hip Hop. It has a literal sense that the vast majority of people can relate to - it is easy to understand - it is creatively soken to sound pleasing to the ear of the listener - and it also has a fascinating "iceberg" below the surface that can be explored by those who are passionate fans of hip hop, writing, and music.

-His rhymin' is a vitamin.
Dwellin' in the Rotten Apple, you get tackled/
or caught by the devil's lasso, shit is a hassle/
by Dubulous Productions July 02, 2012
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a unfit or corrupt person who's nature is known to corrupt others (derived for the expression one rotten apple spoils a barrel)
No telling who the rotten apple is here without a thorough examination.
by The Return of Light Joker September 26, 2011
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rotten apple

an offensive term for a teenager who has disciplinary problems, mainly in school, and is being rebellious against their parents.
mother: Becky, i have bad news for you. answer my question :why have you turned out to be a rotten apple?. I didn't give birth to you so as a teenager you would be a rotten apple.

Becky: Lol. im not a rotten apple, mom. all i do in terms of rebellion is dye my hair purple and listen to rock music; in school my disciplinary problems amount to, at most, me fighting off some bastards of the male gender. you as my computer illiterate simply don't understand the children and teenagers of our generation.
by sexydimma October 31, 2012
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To punch an older woman (age 55+)specifically in her sagging breasts until they turn bright red.
I do enjoy MILFs, but not if they have ROTTEN APPLES!
by F John Stank June 28, 2008
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One who is against all apple products, claiming they are all hype and overpriced. This person will come up with any excuse, usually a lame one, to put down an apple product.
Antonio is merely a rotten apple. He claims that the ipod is an overhyped, overpriced, sales gimmick and that you can easily find another mp3 player that does everything the ipod does, and more, for a cheaper being the key word here.
by mathruD January 12, 2009
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