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Noun- abbriviation for rotation. Used most commonly among stoners.
Carrie: Hey, you're fucking with the roto, man. Get the hell out of here
by Stoney McGee April 12, 2007
used in a weed-smoking session. short for rotation. passing of the blunt, joint, bong, bowl etc. you take a hit, then you pass it to the next person in the rotation circle then so on.
"Get in this roto before we spark up this blunt!"
by upinsmoke1793 December 20, 2009
to recieve head
or to start sexual activity
or a whore
eric told jason, "lets go get some rotos!"
jason called sarah a stupid rotos.
lets get some rotos going!
Another cooler way to say retard. Only awesome people know what it means and can use it correctly.
Julie thought the world was flat.. what a roto.
Brandon tripped up the stairs today and everyone laughed at him, Brandon's a roto.
by slaves April 30, 2011
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