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Much like the Eiffel Tower, two guys are doing a girl; one is going at it from behind, the other is gett a blow job. They proceed to spin her about their penises like a rotisserie chicken.
They spun that bitch like a rotisserie chicken.
by dinomite October 29, 2003
20 5
1.a female who is performing oral sex whilst getting some hot beef injection action in either the pink or the stink

2.a chicken that you cook on a freakin' rotisserie
1. we gave this chick a couple of xanex and she let us turn her into a rotisserie chicken.

2. i ate rotisserie chicken
by old dirty major November 04, 2004
15 7
After doing tons of coke, rolling around in your bed sweating your face off, as you try to fall asleep.
If Dave doesn't get a Xanax before bed he is going to be doing the rotisserie chicken all night.
by Cods November 03, 2006
1 7