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Much like the Eiffel Tower, two guys are doing a girl; one is going at it from behind, the other is gett a blow job. They proceed to spin her about their penises like a rotisserie chicken.
They spun that bitch like a rotisserie chicken.
by dinomite October 29, 2003
1.a female who is performing oral sex whilst getting some hot beef injection action in either the pink or the stink

2.a chicken that you cook on a freakin' rotisserie
1. we gave this chick a couple of xanex and she let us turn her into a rotisserie chicken.

2. i ate rotisserie chicken
by old dirty major November 04, 2004
The act where a man and a woman are having sex and the woman rapidly changes positions from the cowgirl to the reverse cowgirl rapidly over and over again.
Guy1: he how did your date go last night?
Guy2: it was great!
Guy1: how so?
Guy2: after we ate we did it and she rode me like a rotisserie chicken!
by phat_Beatses January 16, 2016
After doing tons of coke, rolling around in your bed sweating your face off, as you try to fall asleep.
If Dave doesn't get a Xanax before bed he is going to be doing the rotisserie chicken all night.
by Cods November 03, 2006
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