When a man's wife "comes out of the closet" as a lesbian and divorces her husband; like what happened to Ross on Friends.
Did you hear about Sally? She totally Rossed her husband. She came out of the closet and wants a divorce so she can live with her girlfriend.
by "Rossed" in OC September 01, 2008
Inebriated, wasted, or otherwise intoxicated. Usually followed by the preposition "up".
"Man, I got Rossed up fast last night."
--Todd Michael Ennis
by Nati April 19, 2004
Means when someone screws up on accident & always used in past tense.
You really rossed up last night
by Crinkle March 07, 2004
adjective. irritated by abrasion. Probably derived from "ross," meaning outer bark. To ross (v. tr.): to remove the outer bark. By extension in my former community in Allegany County, NY, to abrade the skin, sometimes to the point of rawness.
"The boy's bare legs were rossed when he slid down the rope." Slang expression: "Wouldn't that ross your ass?" meaning, "Wouldn't you be highly annoyed or perturbed to the point of mental or emotional irritation or agitation?"
by Reamerstraff July 11, 2004
To be confronted, usually in a manner of exeedingly high expections for a ridicules purpose
Man, I was rossed in the library today.
by HC Kuz May 09, 2015
Getting drunk or tired
That flight made me rossed.
I am getting rossed tonight.
by wordguru12345 April 27, 2015

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