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The coolest town nestled inside the most badass state in the USA. Located high in the Cascade Mountains and populated by about 1,000 people. Population is an even split between rednecks and hippies who get along most of the time... especially on tie dye Tuesdays when you get cheap beer for wearing TD shirts. Both the hippies and rednecks hate the yuppie weekenders in thier stupid ass SUVs. Roslyn also has the best swimming holes in the summer time and gets a shit-ton of snow in the winter.
Person 1: Hey man, if you could live anywhere, where would you chose?
Person 2: Fuckin Roslyn, Washington man!
Person 1: Why that crazy place?
Person 2: Cuz its the best place to sport my tie dyes & drink beer while making fun of yuppies, duh!
by rtown ponderosa February 02, 2010
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