when someone does a stupid, dumbfounded mistake that could have easily been avoided (more specific-spiking the ball on fourth down), made famous by ma boi jaide rose
4th down, 3 seconds,4th down, down by a touchdown, 4 yards to go
Quarterback Rose spikes the ball on fourth down!!! he pulls a rosie!!
by C-Hud November 22, 2005
Rosie refers to when a gay man takes it in the ass, and it is so hard that it turns his ass cheeks "rosie" red
Gay #1: Hey, would you care to make me rosie handsome?
Gay #2: I thought you'd never ask...
by Sexual White Chocolate August 15, 2004
man who's into sex with ugly chicks to add to the quantity of chicks he's bagged.
Hey, I think I'm gonna go Rosie with that ugly chick in the corner, you know, to catch up to Nate's count.
by Rosie June 03, 2003
An extrememly annoying female. One who so offends you with her mere presence on earth that the first and only word you can come up with to describe her is cunt. A more subtle, tactful, and covert way to call a cunt a cunt.
Rosie O'Donnell. The first "Rosie". Enough said.
by Jon Dee May 03, 2007

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