a bum
rosie is a bum
by somone123456789 November 07, 2010
a girl who likes to frig on cam to people while they have a boyfriend.
omg shes such a rosie
by 123lolatyou June 08, 2010
A West Indian term used meaning the female sexual organ vagina.
She gon in de bat-troom to clean she rosie. lol
by TTerry May 15, 2008
Term used to refer to the act of anal-oral stimulation.

One person licking the anus of another as means of achieving enhanced sexual stimulation.

Termed "rosie" due to the shape of the sphincter, often being referred to as "a rose".

Plural : Rosied (Phonetically : Row - zeed)

See also rimming
1) That guy we met at the bar last week gave me a rosie I'll

never forget

2) I've never given anyone a rosie, even though I've been

rosied a hundred times.
by OLIMA December 25, 2009
A useless chavvy object whose always just THERE!
Rosie Charlotte O'Callaghan: Skn blad, don't be hyping to Hannah innit, b.
A useful member of society: Useless gypsy please remove yourself from my person space, you are polluting my oxygen with your un-bathed skin. Gosh! You're such a ROSIE!
by *ittybitty* April 05, 2010
n. a talking hand resulting from schizophrenia and a love of whales; uses "sh" in place of "s"

etymology: created by T. Rivera in 1989 at the age of 3
"Urrr boingy boingy, I am Roshie!"
"I am guring to shue Shue away with my shoe!"
by Manuel_Labor July 06, 2004
a crackpipe
slang used by people in philly for a crack pipe
yo i just picked up a rosie so we can blast some rock
by hippie chick October 05, 2006

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