To walk around in nothing or nearly nothing
Man put some clothes on, don't pull a rosie.
by mr america123 July 17, 2011
Cali shufflers (usually Hispanic) that dress up like wannabe pansy cholos with colorful flannels. They tend to have rat tail hair or guido hair and they flash their rosaries out and about. Hence the derogatory name "rosie."
*Dancer melbourne shuffling in the dance circle*

*Then the rosie cali shuffles in the dance circle next*

Everyone:"GTFO ROSIE!"
by DJSHUFFLE November 07, 2011
A new sub-cultural group that's been noticed over the past few years, rosies are said to be named after Rosie the Riveter, the archetypal working woman. All are female, usually between the ages of 15 and 25. Rosies bear some similarities to punks and skinheads, and a rosie or two is not an uncommon sight at a local band's show. There, theyy can be seen dancing, drinking, smoking cigarettes and listening to punk, ska, reggae, rockabilly and hardcore music. They often hold minimum-wage, working-class jobs like factory, secretarial or retail work, so they can sometimes be spotted in an odd mix of work clothes and regular clothes. Rosie fashion staples include Dr. Martens boots (which they treasure and shine ritualistically), drainpipe jeans and bandanas worn either the usual way, or in true Riveter form. Their makeup his 1950's heavy- think Amy Winehouse eyeliner and lipstick!- and their hair is short and manageable. They love their jean/army jackets, and cover them with pins and patches of their favourite local bands (a habit borrowed from the punx!). Rosies are hardworking by day, funloving by night and always fiercly independant women.
Rosie 1: Wanna go see (insert band) after work today?
Rosie 2: Fuck yes, I'll be there!
(they start skanking)
Rosie 1: Oh shit, I scuffed my boot, better shine them up...
by jonnyslotho September 17, 2011
1. a spastic girl/woman
2. a beachy-type girl (tan year-round, fond of bathing suits)
3. short for rosaleen, rosalind, etc.
4. an irish hooker
1. "jeezus where does she get that energy? ROSIE SLOW DOWN"
2. "ugh, i'm so jealous of rosie, she's soooo tan! - how does she do that in december?"
3. "we just call her 'rosie'"
4. "hey, i wonder how much that rosie is"
by kikikaree November 25, 2009
Rosie is your stereotypical brunette female, she likes to act dumb around guys because she thinks they'll find it attractive - even though really she is extremely intelligent.
Rosie's easy to please, but will find it hard to find the right guy for her - she wants to be loved and give love, but is scared she'll never find it.
Matt: You know Rosie, right?
Richard: Dumb Rosie, yeah?
Matt: I know a clever Rosie?
*Richard and Matt laugh in unison*
by samsamspam April 10, 2011
to be so drunk you are unable to walk or talk, just lie on the ground while your pimp looks on in despair
oh holy jesus shes gone all rosie on me
by Elzabeth September 30, 2007
a bum
rosie is a bum
by somone123456789 November 07, 2010

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