A non-alcoholic beverage that includes seltzer with a hint of pomegranate or cranberry juice.
Could I get a round of rosies?

Who cares if a rosie makes me look girly, its darn good.
by BrettDonald September 03, 2016
Rosie is a person who you will see in many different ways. She is a strong intelligent person who has such a big heart, her heart is so big that she put so many people before herself and she will go out of her way to help others who need it. She listens twice as much and she talks and she cares about what people say. She looks at the world and all in it in a way where she can see the good out of a situation, turning bad ones into good ones, she makes every occasion more fun and if you are with her your life will never be boring. Rosie needs love and affection and this kind hearted girl will give equally as much love in return. She is perfect in every way and makes everything she does look easy, Rosie is very talented, she sings like a bird and looks like an angel. Rosie is the most wonderful person in existence and deserves nothing short of pure love and happiness. If you are lucky enough to know a Rosie she is someone worth cherishing for the rest of your life and you should never let go of her, give her all your time and all your love and do what you can to make her happy. Its what she deserves.
Rosie is perfect in every way
by Bambi eyes 1988 June 20, 2016
A handjob, usually given out of a feeling of guilt for almost boning someone before changing one's mind. Made popular by UCSB student Rose, whose reputation for giving rosies to the drunken boys of Isla Vista is unmatched.

Says Rose of rosies, "They're just like saying hello. They mean nothing to me."
I was surprised when Jake whipped his dick out, even though we had extensively grinded at the party and dry-humped on my bed. By the rules of UCSB, I was pretty much obliged to give him a rosie.
by ucsbsluts September 10, 2012
A very unmannered and unsatisfied slut who loves to lie to get what she wants. She will do no matter what it takes to bring those who love her down and make them seem very, very fake.
Amanda is being such a Rosie! She took my man and had sex with him! Ugh.
by Simon sa July 11, 2016
1. A curly haired person who is energetic and wants to be original.

2. a hooker who is bi.

3. A girl who loves to party.

4. A girl who acts tough on the outside but on the inside she has feelings and wishes she could be treated nicely.
Ex 1. Rosie is so energetic and original i wish i was just like her.

Ex.2 Gosh how much is that Rosie she is so hot yet she is bi.

Ex.3 Wow that Rosie can party!

Ex.4 Poor Rosie, i wish someone would be nice to her.
by Zozoyoyo December 08, 2011
Cali shufflers (usually Hispanic) that dress up like wannabe pansy cholos with colorful flannels. They tend to have rat tail hair or guido hair and they flash their rosaries out and about. Hence the derogatory name "rosie."
*Dancer melbourne shuffling in the dance circle*

*Then the rosie cali shuffles in the dance circle next*

Everyone:"GTFO ROSIE!"
by DJSHUFFLE November 07, 2011
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