A beautiful girl who is pure of heart and lovely in every way. Highly intelligent and sporty (not to mention incredibly attractive), a Rosie is a girl who is fun-loving and always tries to make everyone happy. Often possessing gold hair and large warm brown eyes, Rosie's have an amazing talent for performing on stage - she is talented at both singing and acting. She is always there to listen and console, or even just offer a shoulder to cry on; she is sweet and open and, though she may not realise it, very very popular! A Rosie will not forgive easily, instead keeping to her select group of very close friends and avoiding contact with the offender; however she is content to stay with friends whom she trusts implicitly. Rosie's also often fear being forgotten. However this could never happen as anyone who meets a Rosie will never forget her! Girls want to be her and both girls and guys alike want to be friends with her! A Rosie is perfect in every way.
Guy: Hey, who's she? She's stunning!
Girl: That's Rosie. She can do everything!
by Jenny-Jane July 13, 2012
Usually a petite female with brown or red hair, blue eyes & is bloody adorable. Someone named Rosie is usually honest and kind.. Normally has a best friend called Rhiann. Rosie is someone you can trust, and everyone worships her.
'I love Rosie; shes so trust worthy!'
by TaliaBeardman November 13, 2012
Rosie is normally used to name an attractive girl with a large bust, this term is usually used by men living in the eastern/city area of Australia
Guy 1: dude do you see that girl over there?

Guy 2: yeah man she's a total Rosie
by aussierobot October 23, 2013
a rosie is a sensitive, loving person. se can joke and tease and never take it to far. Her eyes are a very pretty blue and she has rosy red cheeks. her names include- roro, kevin, rosie posy pudding and pie,gaygay, rosalita. she will be your bestfriend for life and as soon as u meet a rosie u will realise how awesome she is. If you meet a rosie dont let her go because if you do it will be the biggest mistake of your life xxxx
girl1:im feeling really sad
girl2:i'll get rosie she can help
girl1:perfect she always makes me feel better
by perryiscoolbeans October 25, 2011
A handjob, usually given out of a feeling of guilt for almost boning someone before changing one's mind. Made popular by UCSB student Rose, whose reputation for giving rosies to the drunken boys of Isla Vista is unmatched.

Says Rose of rosies, "They're just like saying hello. They mean nothing to me."
I was surprised when Jake whipped his dick out, even though we had extensively grinded at the party and dry-humped on my bed. By the rules of UCSB, I was pretty much obliged to give him a rosie.
by ucsbsluts September 10, 2012
Rosie is a beautiful girl who will always be there for you through the ups and downs of your life. A Rosie will generally either have Golden blonde hair with blue eyes or Chocolate hair with stunning brown/amber eyes. Rosie is usually a nickname given to a Rosemary. Rosie will look hot in anything she wears but Rosie's best colours are Green, Red, and blue. Rosie will be kind but agressive, modest or immodest Rosie can be a bit strange sometimes but who isn't? Rosie is very protective of herself and her friends and is not afraid to kick to get her way so watch out! If you are lucky enough to meet a Rosie make sure that you don't lose her because if you do you will realize that you have made a mistake!
Zoe: " look at Rosie, I miss her so much, I wish we were still friends :("
Sophia: "Im sure that if you apoligised that she would forgive you"
Zoe: " You are right Sophia I mean Rosie is so forgiving like that, Thanks!"
by Scarlett-is-my-crush September 04, 2014
1. A curly haired person who is energetic and wants to be original.

2. a hooker who is bi.

3. A girl who loves to party.

4. A girl who acts tough on the outside but on the inside she has feelings and wishes she could be treated nicely.
Ex 1. Rosie is so energetic and original i wish i was just like her.

Ex.2 Gosh how much is that Rosie she is so hot yet she is bi.

Ex.3 Wow that Rosie can party!

Ex.4 Poor Rosie, i wish someone would be nice to her.
by Zozoyoyo December 08, 2011

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