we all know a small, cute girl that eats loads but remains the same weight, in love with rock music and large animals called Rosie
Look at Rosie being all small and excited
by jamieboyjamie May 06, 2011
Rosie is a special name given to special women. Rosie's are good listeners, great friends, good company and can cheer anyone up. They can solve problems, they are sporty and inteligent to. They may get some weird but wonderfull nicknames like rosie-posy, rose, rositta, nosy rosie, rosemary, roseanne or even i heard a rosie being called roastie. There are also rhymes that go with the name rosie such as ring a round a rosie, rosie posy pudding and pie kissed the boys and made them cry etc.
Overall Rosie's are pretty awesome people with a great attitude and humour so be carefull when you come across one do be nice.
by shesmiles:D August 01, 2010
rosie is such a beautiful person,inside and out. She first seems shy and timid but once you get to know her you'll realise she's quite lively and fun. Shes always there for all of her friends, she puts others first before herself too much though. She may seem strong but on the inside she's dying for a cuddle.rosie is haunted by her childhood but never gives up!shes so inteligent and perfect in every way. Anyone would be lucky to have rosie in their life.

So if you meet a rosie.. Make sure you get to know her,otherwise you'll be missing out.
"hey,are you rosie?"
'yeah why?'
"i've heard how amaizing you are and i want to get to know you"
by pussymuncher96 February 19, 2012
how one looks after sex. happy, pink in the cheeks, relaxed.
well, you look rosie...
by Cybelle November 27, 2006
An amazing person who is be your best friend, but could be so much more.
"Where are you going?"
"To hang out with Rosie,"
"Dude, you should date!"
"Nah, we're just friends. She probably wouldn't like me that way anyway."
by megadifferent April 08, 2013
Everyone likes her and she is so beautiful!she is sexy and is an amazing kisser.she is liked by everyone and if she don't like someone she will defiantly show it!
The best kisser oin the world is Rosie!
by cheese potato October 22, 2013
'Rosie' is a name given to an attractive girl who just can't seem to have many relationships with guys. The boys wanna bang her, not date her. She'll listen any time, and take on your problems as her own. She has a certain mystical appeal and sometimes things just happen which she can't explain. She HATES it when you call her Rosy with a 'y'.
Rosie: "I can never seem to get a boyfriend!"
Friend: "I guess they'll bang you, just not date you"
Rosie: "Fat load of help for me then."
by Norma Wilgate October 06, 2010

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