A new sub-cultural group that's been noticed over the past few years, rosies are said to be named after Rosie the Riveter, the archetypal working woman. All are female, usually between the ages of 15 and 25. Rosies bear some similarities to punks and skinheads, and a rosie or two is not an uncommon sight at a local band's show. There, theyy can be seen dancing, drinking, smoking cigarettes and listening to punk, ska, reggae, rockabilly and hardcore music. They often hold minimum-wage, working-class jobs like factory, secretarial or retail work, so they can sometimes be spotted in an odd mix of work clothes and regular clothes. Rosie fashion staples include Dr. Martens boots (which they treasure and shine ritualistically), drainpipe jeans and bandanas worn either the usual way, or in true Riveter form. Their makeup his 1950's heavy- think Amy Winehouse eyeliner and lipstick!- and their hair is short and manageable. They love their jean/army jackets, and cover them with pins and patches of their favourite local bands (a habit borrowed from the punx!). Rosies are hardworking by day, funloving by night and always fiercly independant women.
Rosie 1: Wanna go see (insert band) after work today?
Rosie 2: Fuck yes, I'll be there!
(they start skanking)
Rosie 1: Oh shit, I scuffed my boot, better shine them up...
by jonnyslotho September 17, 2011
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The beautiful one.
How Rosie she looks.
by Mort June 08, 2004
A person, usually a girl, who is extraordinary in every way, shape, and form. Her beauty surpasses that of any other girl in the world, for her beauty shines forth like a radiant sun. Her smile can light up an entire city for years it is so vibrant and beautiful. She is extremely sexy and beautiful even though she would never admit it openly. She's the kind of person who is shy at first, but when you get to know her, you find she is cute, funny, silly, and caring. Whenever you see her walking down a street, you can see the Angels that follow her with Harps at the ready, for when she speaks, her voice is like that of an infinite number of Harps being played by the most perfect Angels found in Heaven. Her love has no limits, her friendship extends even to those who have hurt her in the past. Every person who has met a Rosie just knows she will amount to something amazing in the future. Her laugh and giggle is highly contagious to those around her. Be warned: if you fall for a Rosie, she will steal your heart, but do not be alarmed, for it is in the hands of an Angel, and she will return the amount of trust and love you give her back to you, including the giving of her warm, loving heart.
Rosie is an absolutely amazing person, I love her!
Rosie, I love you, you are my soul mate.
by Spartan1932 August 09, 2011
a person who makes you laugh
you a real ROsie
by maggie April 28, 2003
A name given to a select few women who are extraordinary! We pride ourselves on doing our best and always being friendly. However there is nothing that we Rosies can't stand more than our ever famous nicknames and phrases that come with the fabulous name: Nosy rosie, rosie palms (and her five friends), rosie posie pudding and pie (kissed the boys and made em cry), Rosie o'donnell, Rosanne!, and ring around the rosie. Nor do we enjoy you telling us that you have a pet named after us. "o rosie! i have a dog named rosie!" But we still stay sweet and cute and that is why you love us! To sum it all up, its the best name in the land!
The world would be a better place if we were all rosie!
by I am Little Girl November 21, 2005
mini unexpected orgasm
yo she pulled a rosie
by DAS November 23, 2003
Rosie is a person who is kind and generally considerate of others feelings. She enjoys having relationships and sports. She is easy to talk to and can lend you a shoulder anytime.
All right huni, what you up to?
by a friend April 03, 2005
even though she is a very small person, she still has a big personality.
don't hate her, love her
by linsey January 08, 2004
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