A small brown girl who watches disney and thinks Siamese fighting fish only live 3 - 4 days.
My friend Roshini is a lunatic!
by pink_angel75 April 01, 2009
Top Definition
Born 1998. Half-English, Half-GodKnowsWhat (indian). A truly beautiful and intelligent girl and is FUNNY, sexy, happy and just a BONZA gal. Level 1000000000 bigillion on the fooooooine scale. And just a great mate. Has the affinity to make random words rhyme in a comedic and hilarious way. The subject of willies arise way too often in conversations with her. Nickname is Bambi due to the fact she is constantly tripping, falling or slipping over, has sustained several injuries from this hobby. Bum would be nice but due to the extra added bumness, bum is not so nice. Also has a way with words, in case you hadn't noticed.
"Who is that fooooooine gal over dere?"


"Bambi's back on the floor"

"Love me some Roshini"
by Marmite100000000000000000001 December 20, 2012
A girl who possesses goddess like features, exudes charm and carries herself with grace. Also a strong willed woman with ambition.
That girl behaves like a true 'Roshini'

Your such a 'Roshini'
by Glowstar88 July 22, 2014
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