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One who gets so high that he or she begins to speak in a foreign language.
Beth got so Rosetta Stoned last night she could effectively communicate with the cab driver!
by bmitch373 May 26, 2009
An acute condition that occurs while hanging out with native speakers, in which you realize that all of the hours you logged with your Rosetta Stone software in preparation for your trip to Mexico are disappearing from your consciousness as your new amigos keep serving you tequila. The surest sign of this condition is the glazed expression on your face when someone asks, "Como se llama?"
Last night I met a lot of nice folks at a bar in Mexico City who got me so Rosetta Stoned that I could not remember how to ask, "where's the bathroom?" in Spanish.
by pelirroja February 05, 2011
When you are so high you think you can understand another language when reading the subtitles of a foreign film
After an evening of hot boxing the abandoned car the guys gather around to watch Paprika.

Conor: Holy shit guys! I can speak Japanese!

Aaron:... what?! No, dude your just rosetta stoned!
by Chief Blazin Buffalo May 08, 2010
-Blazed while listening to a Rosetta stone recording, or any language learning recording.
-Bro I was so Rosetta stoned while listening to my Spanish recording last night.
-I learned Vietnamese while I was Rosetta stoned yesterday.
by rosetta.stonedd January 29, 2015
Feeling that you "really know" a language; often caused by excessive, regular use of the Rosetta Stone Software. Common side effects include: strong sense of euphoria; spinal problems due to nose constantly in air; severe lingual confusion; and loss/gain of friends (outcome may depend on social class).
My friends and I like to get Rosetta-stoned on the weekends; usually in my parents' basement. They always leave feeling a little hazy-- it's never fun to have to speak your native tongue after THAT.
by NovaStar December 15, 2008
Side effect of spending too much time using your Rosetta Stone software.
Symptoms are similar to that of smoking a generous amount of high quality marijuana.
After three hours of learning Japanese on my Rosetta Stone software, i was so Rosetta Stoned that I ate a whole pizza and passed out for 12 hours.
by Self-absorbed Mannequin January 27, 2009
Trying to learn another language after you just smoked copious amounts of marijuana.
Man, I was so Rosetta Stoned last night.
by lokii420 October 30, 2011
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