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A sexual position in which the man physically chokes the woman with his penis.

For two males, see Rosemary Goatcheese.
Shenaynay: Oh man I could so go for some autoerotic asphyxiation!

Lemonjalo: Hey baby, what say we go back to your grandma's place and I give you some Rosemary Goatmilk all up in your grill?

Shenaynay: Mm mm bitch!
by Dairyquizzard August 09, 2008
A sexual maneuver that involves choking the female participant with the male participant's penis.
Shenaquandranaynay: I sure could go for some auto-erotic asphyxiation right about now!

Lemonjalo: We can head to my grandma's place and I can give you a little rosemary goatmilk.

Shenaquandranaynay: Damn!
by Rambonerizer September 12, 2008

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