when you hook up with someone in the back of the bus or the back back of an suv/truck
Kim just rosa parked that guy in your truck!
by honey_badger July 14, 2011
Top Definition
when someone calls shotgun, and then is later forced to sit in the back.
kris-yo i got shotgun
matt- the fuck you do get in the back
kris- damn i just got rosa parked
by mike hunt6969696969 January 31, 2011
When a person steals your rightful, assigned, or favorite seat.
Wow! Dude, get out of my favorite chair, you Rosa Parked me!
by rockntubakid January 06, 2010
Stealing the passenger seat when someone else calls "shotgun"
(walking to car)
You:(Sprint towards the passenger seat) YOU JUST GOT ROSA PARKED
by anonytorious March 05, 2014
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