a word in use for vague satire. not to it's subject, but towards punk'd.

peaceful resistance against opression.
usually involving boycotts. this aspect seperates it from Ghandi'd.
The bigoted manager of -restaurant name- was Rosa Park'd.
by jake April 18, 2004
Top Definition
When, in a large group of friends or at a crowded event,you unvoluntarily are pushed to the back of your group, much like the blacks did when they rode buses.
Jen: Ok everyone! Gather around for a group of scene pics!
Liz: Ok,let's all get together!
*Pushes and Shoves People*
Sarah: Woah, Woah, Woah! Why am I in the back!?
Jen: OhMyGawd! Shut the fuck up and just get in the pic! My straightners about to burn down the house!
Sarah: Dude....I just got Rosa Park'd.
by Sarah McNasty February 19, 2009
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